There have been occasional reports of dongle errors reported by Kothari end users – the following update should resolve these random dongle-related error messages. NOTE FROM KOTHARI ENGINEERS: “The problem that we have seen is with the latest Windows update since April 2020. Some customers have been facing issue of […]


NOTE: This information comes directly from the Kothari user manual – make sure you give it a thorough reading to better understand what it is capable of. a. Printer name b. Underbase option: This underbase option will allow you to select whether the printing is for white underbase printing or […]

Device Options for Epson based Driver

Setting the ink cost (what you actually pay, per liter of each color) allows Kothari RIP to calculate the actual cost for each print, based on the actual ink consumption and your particular consumables costs.  To set the ink cost in your RIP, follow these steps: NOTE:It is always a […]

How to set your ink cost in Kothari.

DTG Print Solutions is excited to launch as the premier resource for Kothari users, around the world!  You can browse or search the Kothari Knowledge Base, find distributors in your area, view tutorials, download documentation and lots more! Please excuse our dust as we finalize some stuff on the […]

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