Welcome to KothariUsers.com! 5

DTG Print Solutions is excited to launch www.kothariusers.com as the premier resource for Kothari users, around the world!  You can browse or search the Kothari Knowledge Base, find distributors in your area, view tutorials, download documentation and lots more!

Please excuse our dust as we finalize some stuff on the website and upload brand new content in the coming days and weeks……

Don’t forget to register your free account today, to stay up to date on all the latest and greatest from www.kothariusers.com!

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to KothariUsers.com!

  • wilbur1

    Hi all, I have joined to try and get some help getting hold of Kothari UV edition to trial before buying. I have already emailed the company four or five days ago without a response. Can anyone help? i don’t mind paying for software, but i cannot understand how a trial version isn’t readily available as it is quite expensive software, you would not pay for something of that value without trying it first.

    • DTGPS Post author

      Hey there! Sorry for any confusion – what e-mail address did you send from? Also, did you reach out directly to Kothari, or did you e-mail a distributor, directly? You can send me an email if you’d like, and Will help you get the information you need (or plug you in with the correct contact): justin [@] katanadtg.com

  • jonmig

    hi , I am interested in the new upgrade to Kothari pro DTG , please could you either post some screen shots of the new General user interface or possibly email me some …

    Thank you

  • Adarsha B G

    I have recently purchased Kothari to my epson 600, I failed to print white colour on dark garment, tried all pretreatment concentration, what is the best settings to fix this issue. if I print colour I end up with good result but if i have to print only white on dark garment it just broken.