Want to learn more about the powerful Kothari Print PRO RIP for DTG?  Look no further than this comprehensive documentation package, covering all aspects of use from the basic Quick Start guide, to the advanced User Manual, to layer alignment and Passive Queues.  Find out how to get the most out of your software by downloading these useful documents!


Kothari Print PRO - Quick Start Guide The quintessential Quick Start Guide for Kothari Print PRO – jumpstart your DTG experience with this informative and in-disposable starting point reference. Learn the insides of your RIP with relative ease and begin producing high quality DTG prints, TODAY!
Kothari Print PRO User Manual The comprehensive source for answers regarding the Kothari Print PRO RIP for DTG - learn about benefits, features, specific use and lots more!
Saving Ripped Images as KPM Files After ripping a layout or image, you can easily save the processed file for future use, as a KPM file.
Kothari Print PRO - Layer Alignment Basic guidelines for registering the CMYK layer with the white layer when printing with Kothari Print PRO.


Configuring Multiple Licenses Once you've received the necessary licensing upgrade on your dongle, you will need to change some settings in the RIP to control multiple printers, simultaneously.
Port Name Mapping Find out how to give each port an individual nickname to make managing multiple printers from one computer, much easier!


Kothari Print PRO - Passive Queues How to utilize the power of Passive Queues in the Kothari RIP for DTG printers....  This feature is useful for streamlining DTG production while maintaining the highest quality standards during the image processing phase.  Learn the basics, and advanced techniques in this useful manual.