How to set your ink cost in Kothari.

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Setting the ink cost (what you actually pay, per liter of each color) allows Kothari RIP to calculate the actual cost for each print, based on the actual ink consumption and your particular consumables costs.  To set the ink cost in your RIP, follow these steps:

NOTE:It is always a good idea to set the ink cost slightly higher than what you actually pay, to account for cleaning cycles and other regular maintenance.

STEP 1: Click the Options tab on the main control menu.

STEP 2: Select “Ink Cost” from the drop down menu.

STEP 3: Enter your “per liter” ink cost for each color.

NOTE: Thank to Stephanie for the screen captures!  Keep in mind she is in Africa, so don’t let the prices scare you!  Your currency may vary.

When you want to find the actual ink cost for any particular print, find the job in the Queue Manager (usually located at the bottom of your screen) and click the “+” to expand the print job details.